Technicians will be servicing your property every other month. During our visit we check weed pressure, insect pressure and fertilize according to BMP (Best Management Practices) This will give a nice color to turf and help to protect it from insect damage. If a home owner notices damage PHS will revisit the property and analysis the problem. We will offer service calls for weed pressure and insect damage at no additional charge.

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Top of the line service. PHS will be on site every month protecting your property from damaging pest and weeds from invading your property. PHS will closely monitor turf to avoid issues of stress from natural causes, pest, disease and irrigation or weather conditions. If an issue arises PHS will quickly take corrective actions to fix or repair the problem. This package includes grub protection and balanced applications of both dry granular and liquid fertilizer as the weather and turf requirements change. With this program please understand if you start a little neighborhood jealousy. It will be a superior green color.

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Nine visits a year helps greatly to increase the overall health and color of the turf. Techs will be on site more frequently than with the silver package so PHS can better monitor for weeds and pest. PHS will service more frequently while turf is actively growing and when insect pressure is highest. As always PHS offers the best products available and have custom blended organic based products with a superior minor package to keep your lawn looking great. Free service calls if needed between services. PHS can even bill evenly over 12 months upon your request. This is a perfect blend of onsite protection for your property as well as remaining cost effective. PHS will also monitor irrigation issues and advise if issues need corrected.

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Lawn Care

Customized fertilization of your lawn. We will monitor your needs and determine the course of action necessary to protect your investment from pest or weeds. Our licensed and trained staff has years of experience and can quickly correct or prevent issues. Our goal is to leave you the customer with the most healthy plant material possible. We follow Florida friendly practices and all restrictions per individual counties. Our program will give your lawn the micro nutrients many companies skimp on to save money. We deliver on our promise to meet or exceed your expectations. A healthy lawn reduces carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and replaces with oxygen to help improve overall air quality. In the event any customer has problems between service rounds a free service call will be scheduled to correct or resolve the issue quickly. At PHS we have families and are just as concerned about the environment.

Pest we include control of in our program: chinch bugs, mole crickets, sod web worms, army worms and bill bugs.

We can also customize an insect package for your lawn including flea, tick, fire ant, mosquito and grubs.

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Tree & Shrub Care

Our ornamental specialist will evaluate each type of plant in and around your property. We will schedule service depending on the types of plants and their specific needs. Florida has a lot of pest waiting to attack and feed on your landscape but PHS is vigilant and knowledgeable. With over 50 years of service we are ready with control or elimination measures. Our special fertilizers are custom blended and will help to increase blooms on flowering plants as well as native and exotic material. We can help resolve irrigation issues affecting your plants as well as cultural practice recommendations. Don’t forget everyone likes palm trees however palms require special treatment. Let our experienced staff develop a plan to keep your investment growing.

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General Household Pest Control

In today’s market the wise choice is to help eliminate the use of pesticides inside the home. Our licensed and trained staff does this through safe exterior barrier method. An application is applied to the exterior of the home, around doors and windows as well as all cracks, crevices and voids where insects can hide. Schedule applications every other month can protect your home and family. If there is a current pest problem our technicians can quickly diagnose and resolve the issue with the safest pesticide possible. We have families as well and we are just as concerned about the environment. During a thorough inspection of your property an estimate to resolve the problem as well as sanitation recommendations to help fix or resolve the problem quickly and discreetly. During our regular scheduled visit techs will also check for bees in out of reach places. We are here to protect you and your family. Leave chemical applications in the hands of trained and experienced professionals. Don’t risk damage from the wrong chemical or endanger your family or pets storing chemicals in your home or garage.